Saturday, August 8, 2015

Project Journal 2.0

A couple weeks ago, I made a medic belt flag. I promptly dropped it in the mail without bothering to write down dimensions or construction details.  Oops, especially considering that this isn't the first time I've wanted to remake a project I designed and not had any instructions to follow.

For a little while I used a physical journal, but it was often getting lost in the shuffle of my cutting table, or I would forget to write down what I was doing. 

Today, I decided to make a Project Journal in One Note, which if you did not know yet, is now free for all platforms, syncs across all devices, and notebooks are now shareable! Love it! One Note has come a long way since I started playing with it several years ago. 

The tabs at the top are project type (quilts, garb, other) and I still need to add a few more. The pages on the side will each be dedicated to an individual project. 

I really like this system so far, especially since I am very unlikely to lose my computer and it is much easier to add pictures and formatting is a breeze.

It will also serve as a record of items I've made and probably make writing tutorials and blog posts easier. I can add progress photos!

I've decided not to attempt to back log everything I've done but as I work on WIPs and UFOs or start new projects they will get added to the journal.

The most unsettling thing about OneNote is there is NO SAVE BUTTON, which is disturbing to a chronic save-button-pusher like myself. OneNote saves everything automatically in the background as it is edited, but that hasn't stopped me from looking for the save button yet!

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  1. I've been using OneNote for writing textbooks at work, but never thought to use it for anything at home. What a great idea!