Saturday, August 15, 2015


I thought it would be fun to see the evolution of my quilting journey. These are more or less in order of finish, but not in order of when I started them. It would be a little difficult to sort by start order. For example, the Penrose Square quilt near the bottom was one of the first that I started.

Given to my niece - I think she uses it to keep her slippers on :)
Project Linus

Tree skirt

My own personal mug rug

Project Quilt Lemonade

Wall hanging in my computer room

Project Linus

Project Linus

Given to Nana

For my niece - first side of two sided quilt

For my niece - other side

Donated to nursing home

Wall hanging in my living room

Gifted to a friend of the family with chronic illness

For baby cousin
For baby cousin

For a little girl at my church

Wall hanging in my sewing room

To my sister in law

Here are the projects I am still working on in no particular order. Some of these are intended as gifts, some are just for me, and some have no plan yet.

Maybe eventually, you know, in my spare time, I will put them in order of start. I think that would be fascinating.