Monday, August 31, 2015

The First Annual Deepwood Ascension Festival and Golden Arrow Tourney

Evil abounds in the Deepwoods of Akron, as creatures from the Wastes find their way through the Forgolonian Wall to raid and pillage the villages of Akron.

This evil is held at bay through the courageous efforts of Akron's Deepwood Rangers, who dedicate their lives to protecting the people and forests of Akron.

These valiant Rangers work tirelessly to rid the forests of evil bandits and wastelings.

Upon victory over the bandits, the Rangers celebrated with the Deepwood Ascension Festival. The families of Akron once again were safe!

An archery contest drew the finest archers from the surrounding kingdoms.

And a Grand Melee was held to determine the fiercest warrior of them all.

Local nobility donated a vast treasure of amazing prizes to be awarded, honoring the Rangers for their efforts.

There was food and fun to be had all around, and we are hoping that the Deepwoods Acension Festival will become an annual Akron event.

(Most photos are credited to Jessica of the BoldEgoist)


  1. Kaelyn, you really know how to have a rip roarin' good time! This looks like it was a blast!