Tuesday, August 18, 2015


House guests over the weekend meant that I had to clean out the Spare 'Oom. Now that they have departed, I have a perfect design floor.  :) Win for me (extra large design floor) and win for Jack (who won't have to put up with me taking over the living room for my quilt layouts.)

Of course,  as is natural, I had to start a new quilt. You know, to test out my new design floor.

This quilt is inspired by Scattered by Rebecca Bryan. It can be found in her book Modern Rainbow.

I started by sorting my lights, mediums, and darks.

Colored pieces in a randomish arrangement and surrounded by whites.

Then I added the grays and blacks. Uhoh... not enough blacks.

I'm going to delve into my stash and see if I have any black fabric I can chop up into charms to make up the difference.


  1. I love how it's looking already! I'm also pondering a crochet version of the same blanket now - not like I don't already have enough projects. I'm sure no crafter ever can sympathize. :-)

  2. That's going to be lovely - I see another project coming on with some of my rainbow leftovers!

  3. Gorgeous colors. I really like the fade from the white in the center to the black at the edges.