Friday, August 14, 2015

Housework can wait - there is quilting to be done!

It's been a quilty week, in between my other chores. 

I now have a 2 ft square section of my A Quilter's Mixology quilt put together. I have enough fabric cut out for a 4 x 6 ft finished quilt, and more fabric I can chop up. This will be a nice big quilt when completed.

Just a few minutes ago, I finished putting together the top for the baby quilt. Its been on the living room floor way too long and I'm having house guests this weekend, so it had to get put together. Oh, gee, what a shame that I had to spend so much time quilting this week when I could have been doing housework. I'm all broken up about it. Additionally, I now have space to lay out the modern rainbow quilt I have planned. ;) Happiness! 

I think I will be quilting this with circles and I haven't decided whether to go with white or green and blue variegated for the thread. Opinions?


  1. Really like your Quilter's Mixology block! The colors are spectacular!! And the baby quilt looks awesome! I'd go with a variegated thread :) and circles will add great dimension to the quilt!

  2. Wonderful projects! I would choose variegated thread... I think it always adds fun to the quilting. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Amazing projects. I can not decidd which quilt I love the most, they are both so beautiful. I would go for variegated thread too!! Hove a lot of fun quilting.