Thursday, July 4, 2013

Playing Catch-up, Project 144, and Get It Done

Happy Independence Day all!

I'm the lucky recipient of a four day weekend, for which I am very grateful. I have plans to work on Nana's Quilt this weekend but I find myself playing catch-up instead. Camping it seems, is a lot of work before, during, and after. There's unpacking, clean up, laundry, work, etc.

Here is the block waiting for me when I got home, from the monthly block swap. I love the colors!

June 2013 Block Swap
Instead of sewing today, I had to clean my sewing room, which was such a disaster from Pre-Rag work that it was hard to walk through the room. I'm not quite sure how I managed to use it for sewing before Rag. I also rearranged things a bit in an attempt to make better use of my table space.

Tomorrow, Project 144 will officially launch.

 I will be including my project in my Get It Done List. That makes it a two-fer!

Since I haven't been keeping up with Get It Done, I'm starting again this month. Here it is for July

Get It Done - July 2013

1. Quilt & bind Nana's Quilt
2. Complete Project 144 for July - Sew together the three shirts already cut out.
3.  Write pattern for Disappearing Cube Trick
4. Start paper-pieced stars quilt (two blocks)

I'm intentionally keeping my list short this month as I have many other non-sewy things I want to keep up with, like Camp Nanowrimo.

For Camp Nanowrimo, I decided to cut the word count in half to 25,000 words and spend some time editing and revising what I already have written. I've worked on it three out of four days so far.

Thanks for staying tuned, hope to get some sewy things done soon. Enjoy the holiday weekend!

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