Monday, July 8, 2013

Crumb Blocks!

Working on these paper piecing stars is accelerating the collection in my scrap bin to overflowing. The current star is Alaska and I have three sections put together. This block takes 104 pieces total.

I decided to do something about my overflowing scrap box and started working on crumb blocks. Any pieces I can't get cut into a X.5-inch increment square are candidates for the crumb blocks. Basically, you just stitch the pieces of fabric together any old way and you make usable blocks out of scraps.

Which is cute and looks like a wonky log cabin. It needed something.

Turns out what it needed was a 60-degree triangle cut.

Add a little sashing:

And voila! We have the makings of a scrappy quilt top.


  1. Great use for scraps, a must on my list!
    Thanks for linking up to 'Anything Goes'

  2. wow beautiful use of crumbs -- I'm working on pulling my crumbs together righ now but I was initially thinking of just doing squares this definatly makes them more interesting.