Saturday, July 13, 2013

Getting It Done Update

Alright, well I feel very accomplished on a day in which I had to work. I've been concentrating on my Get It Done list for this month.

I recently rearranged my sewing area and I love it! It is so much easier to do piecing now, because everything is close at hand. I purchased a small cutting mat and ruler and put them next to my sewing machine, on the left, and I have my mini ironing board and iron on the right. I no longer have to get up and walk around to the table every time I want to press a seam or trim something.

This also means I have access to my ENTIRE large table, making it much more useful. And yes, there is a sneak preview of my paper pieced stars, which are on my list. I'll post those when I get them quilted (QAYG). My sewing machine apron is too large though, I will eventually make one about half the size of the current one.

The other thing on my list was Nana's quilt. Finally found the gumption to get it basted.

And I started quilting it. No FMQ this time, I'm still finding that much too frustrating. Walking foot only for this baby. Going to keep this one simple and practice my FMQ on the star blocks.

Okay well I'm officially out of steam for the night and headed off for some shut eye.


  1. <3 <3 still love this quilt. So dainty and refined!

    1. Thank you! Still working on quilting this little monster - its the largest one I've attempted yet, about 50" square.