Tuesday, July 23, 2013

WIP Update

Well it was of course a busy weekend. I got out of going to work on Saturday (yay!) but unfortunately karate class was cancelled due to a power outage. I spent an hour at the park with the munchkins and came back home to do... this!

My first Project144 completion. I have two more of these to do this month, one in black and one in brown, and some hand-stitching to finish to meet my goal. This shirt actually didn't take very long to throw together but I was dragging my feet because it is not as interesting as my stars quilt. Which I also worked on this weekend!

Alabama & Alaska on my design wall

Arizona, waiting to be put together
Somethings I learned this weekend in piecing these stars: (1) don't trim the outer edge until it is all put together. That will give you a little wiggle room. My first star is a 1/4" small on one side. My second star came out about perfect. (2) even if you don't add the fabric pieces in the order listed be consistent about whatever order you choose.

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  1. Don't forget to post to 144!

  2. I am all for wiggle room! Love your stars.

    1. Thank you! I learn something new with every project it seems.

  3. Love the stars, they are magnificent