Sunday, June 30, 2013

Back to Mundania

Well, it is officially over. I have returned to the Mundane world and left medieval camping behind. 51 weeks and counting until the next foray into the past. Yay for work tomorrow?

I wish I had remembered to use my camera, but I have no pictures this year.

Our campsite got moved again, this time to a large open field with plenty of space to expand and located conveniently on top of the hill very close to both real bathrooms and the camp store.

It wouldn't be Ragnarok without at least one major disaster. This year we had trailer trouble and then got hit by a tropical storm on Tuesday evening. One of our canopies attempted to escape into a power line and thanks to the help of our neighbors, we were able to recover it before it took out the camp across the street. When the storm officially hit, we spent the time outside in the ice cold rain and 81 mph wind desperately hanging on to our other canopies to keep them from blowing away.  The camp never really dried out the rest of the week. It was by far the rainiest Ragnarok I've seen yet.

Despite all the drama of fighting the elements and the personality clashes that come with living with ALL your friends for an entire week, we overall still had a great time and left Slippery Rock, PA today fired up about the rest of the Dagorhir season, with big plans to prep better for next year (HAHA!). My primary goals are (1) prepare and pack all the camping stuff so that next year we just have to load it up and (2) all projects must be finished before we go! There will be no more toting unfinished leatherwork, weapons, and garb with us, along with all the accompanying supplies to finish said projects.

Toward this end, I'm going to start a new thing I'm calling Project 144. I'm hoping to get 12 people completing one Dagorhir project a month for the next twelve months, or 144 projects total. It may seem like a lot, but a single item of garb can count as a project. I took more than 12 pieces of garb with me this year. I'm hoping this will alleviate the pre-Rag rush.

Yes, I've rambled a bit and I'm sorry. Thanks for sticking with me to the end. Stay posted for Project 144 launch in the next couple of days and an elaboration on this year's Ragsolutions and July Get It Done List! And lets not forget, Camp Nanowrino starts this July.

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