Friday, June 21, 2013


This is it, last day of Rag prep!

I spent the last few days cleaning and packing and have gotten zero, I repeat, ZERO sewing done. Its all going in a bin to travel with me.

I need to pick up drawstrings for belts, a cloak clasp, and probably more eyelets. I also thought it would be great to make a bag for my feast gear.  One of the problems with feast gear is that it all gets left around and people borrow your silverware and next thing you know, there is none left!

But we have not been completely crafty free, as Jack and Kieran are spending their evenings cutting and dying leather.

Jack's armor grade helmet  in progress
Nose guard and decorative pieces
And Kieran made his artery guard freely articulated spaulder

We are going to look wicked cool at Rag this year!

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