Sunday, June 16, 2013

Deepwood Rangers of Akron

Check it out! Jack has been staying up late to work on his Ragnarok gear and this is what he's come up with.

He is making us each a quiver so that I can learn to arch. I went down to the basement today and found this beauty.
Jack's quiver
My quiver
He also made leaves to hold the straps on.

I asked him to keep mine simple, I'm going for a more rugged ranger look in my garb. He picked up a dragon conch for my quiver.

Last year I found this ranger dress online and fell in love with it.

I made this mockup. It didn't go quite as planned, but it works in the short term. I'd like to redo the straps, as they itch and are generally uncomfortable.

I'm just starting to get into the groove of garbing instead of quilting. I really wish I had an extra month to work on this stuff before Ragnarok. Last year was so chaotic and stressful that I really hated garbing. This year I'm starting to enjoy it again and I still don't have enough time. Oh well, that will probably never change. :)

I have in my mind an image of a leather scrap cape, but I can't find a picture of anything similar to it online. I'm using wool felt/fleece as the base and I'll stitch on leather scraps in scale mail type layers. 

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  1. That ranger dress is gorgeous. I can see why you like it :)