Friday, May 3, 2013

Quilt for West, Texas

A couple weeks ago, Judy put out a call for quilts to hand out in West, Texas. Last weekend I put aside my current projects and tackled a baby quilt to send out there. Its not very big, but hopefully someone will be able to use it. I'll also be sending the bargello baby quilt I finished a couple months ago.

I took the DP9 block I made

 And made three more,

Sandwiched and quilted. I love the quilting on this. Its just straight lines, (well, mostly straight). I think the quilt looks like lily pads on water.

And pieced a binding from scraps.

I'll be using Susie's Magic Binding again and the piping will be white. I hope to finish this Sunday and get it in the mail next day.

Previous to this, I made more progress on my surcoat. I shortened the bodice, overlapped it where needed, hand-stitched it down, and added some trim to disguise the fold.

Whip stitching to shorten bodice

Finished front

Back, needs darts for fitting

Still needs some darts in the back and shoulders, and updating the flaps a little.

Other than that, not much is going on. Work is interfering with real life (yay for overtime?) The boys do not have karate class this weekend so I was looking forward to a full day of garbing, but work reared its ugly head and I will be spending my day in a lab. Ugh. What a way to wreck a weekend.


  1. Great little donation quilt. I agree, it does look like lily pads on water. Very sweet.

  2. Love the straight line quilting.