Monday, May 20, 2013

A List of Things I Learned Recently

1. If you drop a box of pins off an ironing board into a pile of fleece and batting, the pins will bury themselves as deeply as possible into the batting. Removal of said pins is time consuming and must be completed thoroughly if you intend to use the batting to stuff pillows in the near future.

2. Having scraps from two different projects on the same table can result in substituting bright white fabric for cream colored fabric at a rate of approximately 50% per quilt block.

3. The neighbors always notice if your lawn grows an extra day or two before you can mow.

4. Part of the reason I hate my job is because it is both physically and emotionally taxing without being mentally challenging. I feel like my brain is turning to goo just by working there.
This is your brain
This is my brain at work

This is Pinky and the Brain

5. Returning to school for forensics will require me to spend the summer relearning freshman biology (which I took about a decade ago, give or take a semester.) Relearning freshman biology will hopefully prevent my brain from goo-ing further.

6. Antivirus software will always choose the most inconvenient time to do a full system scan, burning up all your RAM and processing power for a minimum of an hour.

7. Having a charcoal grill means that sometimes, Jack volunteers to cook dinner!

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  1. Freshman Bio!! You just made me so excited.