Saturday, May 25, 2013

Virtual Retreat - Day 1

Yesterday was sorta kind supposed to be Day 1 but I had to take my car in for a brake job, which turned into a rear bearing replacement (I'm so grateful we have a mechanic we trust) and got sent home with a loaner vehicle. I don't get my car back until Tuesday, maybe. *sadness* But I stuck around on that side of town to spend time with my mother in law, who graciously offered to pick me up from the auto shop, and my niece, who is a very devious easter egg hider. Good times!

This morning I dragged my feet because I don't like hemming, but I finally got the pants for Uncle Dave hemmed up. Cross one item off my list! And Anita's skirt is being put on hold due to the fact that I can't find the marking I made to determine how long to make it.

1. Hem Anita's skirt
2. Hem Uncle Dave's work pants
3. Finish piecing Nana's Quilt Top. Sandwich, quilt, and bind.
4. Cut out and sew two pairs of pants for Jack.
5. Finish Jack's Ranger Coat.
6. Cut out and sew three shirts for Jack.
7. Finish my purple surcoat.

I also found myself volunteering to have friends over tonight for the Red Wings playoff game, in which we all hope they will finish the series and progress to the Conference Finals. And I thought I'd make tacos for everyone. So some cleaning and cooking are in order. They are not arriving until much later this evening though, so I should still be able to get plenty of stuff done in the meantime.

And, because I can't seem to write a post without a picture, here's one for you. A picture taken by Vanicus of Corma, to give you some idea why I spend so much time making garb in June of each year.
Ragnarok 2012

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