Saturday, April 27, 2013

Get It Done - May 2013

Yes, I know I've still got a few days left but it doesn't seem that I'll be getting my list anywhere close to done this time around.

1. Nana's Quilt

I finished piecing the main portion of the top a week and a half ago and its been sitting on my design wall with one humility block still in place (or should I say, the wrong place) ever since.

 I finally decided on a border today.

But I'm going to try to connect the inner blue border across the corners. I'm just not sure how to illustrate that in EQ7.

The rest of my list just didn't even get attempted.

However, I did finish the following projects, that were not on my list:

1. Bind "Disappearing Cube Trick"

2. Made a Sewing Machine Apron

Which really is a thing of beauty because it was made completely from my stash from a scrap box of 9 inch squares and I got to use some ugly fabric for the back that I never have to see.

However, it did make me realize that I need to rethink my sewing room setup. Right now the L-shaped table is really convenient but I can utilize only about 60% of my cutting table. I need a better plan.

Its getting to be Ragnarok time, so my list for May will be mostly garb related.

May Get It Done List

1. Finish Nana's Quilt completely by Mother's Day
2. Make three garb shirts for Jack
3. Make at least two pairs of garb pants for Jack.
4. Finish my gray surcoat, and my purple surcoat.

April isn't quite done yet, so I'll update this later if I make more progress.

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