Sunday, April 14, 2013

Small Victory Sunday

Things always get worse before they get better, yes? I spent an entire day yesterday (and will probably spend most of today) NOT SEWING because I was organizing and cleaning. Oh it feels like a waste of a weekend. But I do have something to show for it:

Tucked away in the corner of my closet is 90% of my fabric. I'm calling this major victory, even though everything that was in that corner is now spread all over my sewing room, meaning what? The mess is worse that when I started.  Oh well, one thing at a time.

Which actually got me thinking. Major victories are great, but no one really seems to celebrate the small victories. Those little accomplishments that seem to get you through the week. The good habits you are trying to form that you seem to forget most of the time, but there is that one day when you remember to take your vitamins, or find time to read the Bible, that really shines. For example, every time I manage to cook a meal at home or pack a lunch for work is a small victory.

 Which brings us to Small Victory Sunday! What was your small victory today or this week? Celebrate it in the comments, I'd love to hear what you accomplished that made you feel better.


  1. My Small Victory on Sunday is that I mowed the backyard. It was long overdue.

    1. Congrats! I'm up north so I haven't hard to start yard work yet, thankfully.

  2. Your small victory looks great! So organized and pretty! Today's small victory was managing my time really well so that the kids didn't feel neglected, I got to do a fair amount of quilting, I made dinner, and no meltdowns! phew!

  3. How pretty your fabric looks all neatly in a row! I am visiting for the first time (through Fabric Tuesday). I totally agree that there are a lot more small victories worth celebrating than just the big ones (like successful bath time with no hassles and breakfast eaten before playing, etc. - the little victories that allow the big victories to even possibly happen.)