Monday, April 8, 2013

Excessive Messiness and Other Things


This post contains excessive messiness, which may be unsuitable for delicate audiences.

After  this...
which upon the acquisition of new fabric stash builders coupled with the advent of a few projects turned into this...
 and this...
I finally had enough. Now generally, I don't believe in keeping up with housework. Its usually a waste of time for two reasons:

1. Its stressful
2. It takes time that is often better spent doing fun things.
3. When you die, your primary regret will not be "Gee, I wish I'd spent more time cleaning"

Did I say two reasons? I meant dozens but for the sake of brevity I will only list three. (Reminds me of that old joke... you know, the one that goes "There are only 10 types of people in the world, those that understand binary and those that don't...")

However, when the mess begins to hamper the fun, its time to take a step back and temporarily reassess my priorities. So today, instead of sewing, I focused on organizing. I needed a solution that would stay organized, more or less, after I dug through my stash looking for the EXACT RIGHT fabric I needed to finish a project. That is when I delved into the world of comic boards, which are relative sturdy but lightweight specially coated cardboard pieces designed to protect comic books.

And now I have this:

Which took all afternoon and is only a partial rendition of my total stash. But now putting fabric away is as easy as shelving a book.  My books are still on my bookshelf, if you can find the bookshelf.

On this plus side, its turns out that a bookshelf that sat vacant for a long time due to the awkwardly sized shelving is just the right size for my comic boards! WIN!!!!

One of the reasons I've been working so much on Nana's Quilt is because it is on my cutting table, i.e. in the way of other projects (the rest of which can be found in those piles pictured above).  Here is the latest.

Only five more blocks to go, one of which is half done. This is also a stash-buster!

And I did also complete the block for my block swap, and I hope to mail it tomorrow.

Gosh I love purple.


  1. Great clean up, Kaelyn! I love the stash busting quilt you're working on. I agree that having fun with fabric is way more interesting than doing the dishes....

    1. Thank-you! Its a work in progress... always seems easier to make a mess than clean it up :)

  2. Love your nana quilt! Purple is always a feels good colour.

  3. Great block, and I admire your clean up efforts. I should really look into those comic boards too.