Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Oh, Sigh

Linking up to WIP Wedneday...

I'm so happy with this quilt top, finished it last night, very proud of myself as this is the most complicated quilt I've attempted yet and it came out gorgeous! Took a picture to post, and looked closely...

And then I noticed my humility block. It shouldn't be hard to spot. It seems I have a date with my seam ripper after Bible Study tonight. *sigh*... Just glad I caught it before I put the borders on.

I think my new rule will be to leave a completed flimsie on the design wall for a few days to make sure I didn't miss anything.


  1. It took me some searching but I finally found the offending block. I kind of like it how it is. The Amish used to always but a wrong block in their quilts to remind themselves that only God made things perfect.

  2. Wow! This is so vibrant and happy! I saw your boo boo, but it sounds like you are confident in your fixing ability! God speed on the fixing!

  3. At least it's not just me spending quality time with my seam ripper ;-) This is such a beautiful block!

  4. Good luck with the repairs... have to do some too tonight! I am really impressed by your quilt top!
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  5. It took me a while to spot it. The finished quilt will be stunning!

  6. Gorgeous quilt top! I always take a picture of the blocks on my work table and look at it on the computer before I start sewing the blocks together. It seems I can always spot my oopsies in a picture on my monitor better than I can spot them looking at it actual size on the work table. Still though, this is going to be one gorgeous quilt when it's done.

  7. Gorgeous! You did a fantastic job!