Monday, November 2, 2015

What a Weekend

Where did the weekend go? It felt like it flew by, with the days shorter than ever. I had big plans for the weekend but they seemed to get derailed easily.

I did finally manage to get the label and binding on Baby Matt's Quilt.

The quilt is 280 2.5 inch squares and finishes at 28" by 40" and is designed to be an easily transportable quilt for car rides and stroller trips.

It was even pretty enough outside to take it for a quick photo shoot before the sun set.

I was kind of uncertain about the backing fabric but with the quilting on it, I think it looks like river water and I really like it now.

I also took one inside for one final look before dropping it in the washing machine. Washing machine always is the most worrisome part of quilting for me, because this is where we determine if the quilt will make it - no bleeding, no torn seams, etc.

I am mourning Daylight Savings Time - this shift of an hour always seems to jet lag me for several days. It's 4:30 right now but getting dark quickly and feels like its almost bedtime already.

In any case, Happy Nanowrimo all! I'm swimming along with 2,817 words between today and yesterday. We shall see how far I get this month.


  1. Good luck with Nano! The quilt looks great. I agree about the backing fabric. Great work :)

  2. Kaelyn, this quilt turned out so awesome!! Love the texture of the pebbles and that backing fabric is perfection! Congrats on a great finish! :)

  3. This is beautiful!! Excellent choice of quilting. I have GOT to get brave some day and force myself to FMQ, or at least practice. I've got books, I've got awesome bloggers to show me how, and my machine has the capability. It's all up to me!

  4. Huzzah! I love the quilt and the tag with the quote on it. :-)

    Best of luck with NaNo! I had a really strong start the first two days, but now feel like I'm behind. If you want to check it out, this is quickly becoming my favorite challenge thread: :-)

  5. That's a great baby quilt Kaelyn! I really love the ombre effect and the backing is perfect! It really does look like water with dappled light.

  6. How cute! Love the way you quilted it.