Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Quilt I Didn't Intend to Make

I made a new friend in the Blogosphere this past week. Lara over at BuzzinBumble and I connected and traded comments on our respective blogs - and I found this quilt that she made based on a Kaffe Fassett pattern.

I was thinking that my stack of Kona Solids would look great as a quilt in that pattern.

When I got them out of the box and sorted, I ended up with lights, mediums, and darks, instead of lights and darks.

Well what can you do with three tones instead of two? Hexagons. Duh.

At this point, I really have no idea where this quilt is going, except that it looks nothing like I intended it to look. However, I can most definitely say it was inspired by Lara's quilt.

This is as far as I got last night. I'll keep making the triangles out of the three different tones and maybe mix up the order of colors a bit and see where it leads. By the way, talk about finicky. I'm using 1.5 inch strips for these. My first set finished just a skosh too large and the second set after slightly adjusting my seam allowance was a smidge too small. Ugh.

For the first time this month, I worked on Maggie the Messmaker during my lunch breaks.

As of August 1
As of August 28
I won't be able to work on her tomorrow since we are closing early due to Labor Day Holiday (Yay!). Plenty of time to work on my projects at home then!

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  1. Wow! Love this block. I made one like it years ago and it was called the spider web. I absolutely love your color placement!
    I met Lara too while blogging and made a new friend as well.

  2. Funny how projects can surprise us like that. You are off to a great start!

  3. Love that you started with one idea and it flipped on you. Nice to know that happens to other people too.

  4. Wow, that is a beautiful mix of Kona solids - totally dreamy to mix greens and purples and blues like that! Kaelyn, I was so intrigued to see what you would do with solids and Kaffe's diamonds. This is so cool how the fabrics have led you to hexies! It is going to make an amazing quilt so keep going!
    I can never get over how much cross stitching you are able to accomplish!
    Kaelyn, you are so incredibly sweet to mention me - I about turned inside out when I saw the beginning of your post! I am very happy to have met you and made a friend too!

  5. I had a chance to work with that Kona collection in a charm pack. How amazing it must be to be able to tackle them in fat quarter cuts! Love what you have started with so far. Your string pieced hexagon looks fantastic!

  6. I love when you start a project with an idea in your mind but then the fabric and the intermediate shapes take you in a completely different direction! And I like when you don't even know where you are going until you are there ;)
    Thanks for sharing your post at MOP Monday! :)