Sunday, August 31, 2014

Slow Stitching Sunday and August UFO

Looking forward to my extra day off tomorrow. We've got a few projects that we need to get taken care of around the house but I'm hoping they won't take too long.

My August UFO is my Kona Solids Sunset Quilt. I have 1/6 of the blocks made for this quilt and there are too many possible layouts to choose one. I suppose I will have to keep making the blocks and decide when I get them all done. However, I am having fun playing with my options.

And of course, some cross stitch updates.

Penguin Family - about 66% done.

Look, you can see the little itty bitty baby penguin head start to crop up. Still not too happy with the white blending on the left pengiun, I'm hoping the further I get, the better it will look.

 The Fairy Spell - about 0.3% done.

Oh my goodness, so much confetti in these first few squares! There are at least 10 colors already on the canvas. I'm loving the way it is looking though.

I did get my floor frame ordered (yay for birthday presents!) but it will still be a couple of weeks until it ships. The frame I choose is handmade to order, and it is supposed to hold just about any size scroll frame, hoop, or q-snap. I'm excited!

My September Project 144 will be another short sleeved shirt for Jack. He keeps telling me how much he likes the one I finished last week. The next one will be out of black linen.

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  1. Your quilt is turning into a jaw dropper Kaelyn! You are really good at improv piecing! The colors do remind me of a sunrise or a sunset. Either in the early morning as the sky just starts to light up and the mist is still on the ground, or as the last bit of a sunset sinks below the horizon. They are a beautiful combo.
    Going along good and steady on the cross stitching too!

  2. I absolutely love the colors of that quilt. The penguins are looking good also. I am looking forward to seeing your fairy emerge.

  3. Pretty colors in your quilt. Your penguins are very pretty.

  4. The colors of your quilt are beautiful, love the shades of purple and lilac
    Have a blessed week
    Hugs from Brazil

  5. Bright solid and so many possibilities. Can't wait to see the finished product!