Monday, August 11, 2014

Final Scroll Frame Cover

I wasn't going to post this until tomorrow, but since the pouring rain derailed all my plans to do yard work (aww, what a shame) I thought I'd show you my last scroll frame cover.

I started with about twelve of these:

then poof!

Yes, I know it looks funny. It looks better on the frame, see?

Mr. Samurai is now well protected, in addition to making excellent progress over the last week or so.

About a week ago
As of 08/10/2014
Now I just need matching tote bags for all the materials instead of the ziploc bags I am currently using.

Tonight is rainy and cranky and wet and cold and grumpy, so I think Jack and I are taking a TV night. I'm going to find my flannel pajama pants and fluffy fuzzy extra warm bath robe. I expect I'll get a lot of work done on Mr. Samurai or the Penguin Family tonight.

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  1. I love the frame cover. My mother does cross stitch and I think you've just shown me her Christmas/birthday present. Thanks for the idea and thanks for visiting my blog xx