Monday, August 25, 2014

August Project 144

Last month for Project 144, I wanted to make water bottle holders but I was having issues getting a hold of the hardware. I ordered some online and they came in a couple weeks ago, but are so flimsy I don't think I'll be using them. So those are on hold until I can make a trip to Tandy Leather for some sturdier pieces.

For August, I decided to finish Jack's short sleeve tunic. This would be the Fourth and Finally Successful attempt at a  short sleeve tunic. I'll tell you my secret - I used a pattern from Patterns In Time. We finally found a pattern that looks good when finished!

It is actually Akron Red but for some reason the pictures kept coming out pink. I think I need better lighting. I will try to get some better photos when Jack wears this to practice.

By the way, I've now used two different patterns made by Patterns in Time and I am very happy with both. They are not for beginners and they can be a little confusing to figure out but I'm happy with my end results.

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  1. Kaelyn, the tunic looks really amazing - especially with that trim!