Sunday, August 3, 2014

Cross Stitch Update

So I was feeling kind of bad about all the WIP's and UFO's for cross stitching that I have. As a way of explaining, this is again one of those hobbies that I somehow managed to drop for a few years. I think the blame lies with (a) graduating (b) getting married (c) working full time (a, b, and c all happened in the same summer)(d) moving three times in three years and (e) hating my full time job.

Now we own a home and aren't planning on moving and I work a job that doesn't send me home screaming every night, so lately I've found that I have more time for crafty things. I still don't keep up with the housework, but I'm okay with that because I'm doing things I enjoy instead.

As it would turn out, I no longer have any guilt over those postponed projects because today I came across an ambitious cross stitcher who has more than fifty WIPs and was brave enough to lay them all out on her blog. I am not alone in the Lost in UFO's Universe!

And so now, it is time for a Cross-stitch update.

Maggie the Messmaker:
One week ago
As of Friday, August 1.
Mr. Samurai

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