Thursday, March 27, 2014

Not much sewing going on this week

I did a little cleaning up of the pile that I was tripping over every time I walked into my sewing room. At the bottom of the pile I found a flannel blanket that was a Project Linus quilt, started about 4 years ago and never finished.

It is two layers of flannel so I didn't put any batting in. I decided to try to finish this one up and get it out of here, so I layered the top on the backing (already pieced - I don't know why it took me this long to put it together) and serged all the way around the edges leaving a few inches open to turn it right side out. Now I'm in the process of top stitching all the edges, and then it will go into my TV handwork pile for tying. Truth be told, it would have been in the handwork pile already except for the fact that the bobbin thread ran out the other night and I went to bed rather than replace the bobbin.

I also finally got my thread in! I picked out two variegated threads to quilt Anemone and now I just have to decide which one to use. The purple was supposed to be for my Mod Mosaic quilt but I suspect it is a little too light.

The green one isn't as neon as it  looks in the picture but I'm leaning towards using the rainbow one in the middle. Here's the quilt - which one do you think I should use? I also have white, cream, and light gray, so all those are options as well.

And finally, I've been taking a Craftsy class on how to use my Serger. The teacher is Amy Alan and it seems to be a pretty good class so far. A nice bonus is that we are building a stitch book that has all the settings filled out, so that next time I was to do a three thread flat lock I'll be able to reference my book and set it up quickly. I'm in lesson three right now where we are building our reference book. I'm hoping to make some steady progress in this over the weekend.

Happy Thursday everyone!

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