Sunday, March 2, 2014

March Goals - ALoYF and 30/30

Okay, first things first.

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Sometime yesterday I was sitting in my sewing room trying to decide what to work on, when this appeared on my sewing machine.

I'm not one to argue with fate so I started working on the FMQ, which I must say needs a lot of work. This quilt was put together with leftovers from my nieces' Christmas present and was basically a practice quilt to (idealistically) improve my non-existent free-motion quilting skills.  Loud and obnoxious-looking quilt that it is, the rectangles make it ideal for trying out several different quilting motifs. Here are a couple that don't look entirely horrible.


Hopefully the electric color scheme will hide the worst of my mishaps. Anywho, this will be my March ALOYF Project - I would like to get it quilted and bound.

30/30 Sewing Challenge

I also decided to roll with the 30/30 Sewing Challenge over at Berry Barns Design.  The idea is to spend thirty minutes a day sewing for the thirty days in March. My goals are:

1. Finish the neon electric look-away-before-you-go-blind quilt.

2. Finish the purse I started yesterday.

3. Sandwich, quilt, and bind the Anemone quilt.

4. Borders on the Train DP9 quilt and sandwich and quilt.

I picked four goals because there are four weeks, so if I get busy I could work on one project a week. And when I get bored in between, I can always choose and start a NewFO!


  1. Great goals, Kaelyn! I especially love your Anemone quilt - it's beautiful! I look forward to seeing your finishes - thanks for joining the challenge : )

  2. Yea for working on your FMQ skills, looking good already, practice and you will get there! Great goals!

  3. You go girl - FMQ is on my to-learn list as well. Sticking to EZ boards and pantos to get quilts done...
    Good luck meeting your challenges!

  4. I think that electric quilt top is fab! Love the brightness and the little 4 patches!