Saturday, March 1, 2014

February Review

Lots of stuff going on today. I was able to spend a few happy hours joking and chilling with my close friends, who I haven't seen for a few weeks for various reasons. And while I was there, I finished my February Finish for ALYoF. Yes its a day late and too late to link up to the finishes party, but I still got it completed. Here it is: *cue epic music*

Tada! It took me, count them, eighteen days from the time I finished quilting this to get the binding completely stitched on. This would be because I only do hand work while watching TV and lets be honest, I just don't have time to watch a lot of TV.

Earlier this week, we moved the large white cupboard from my sewing room into the basement. It was awkward and hard to store stuff in and hard to find stuff. Everything that was in the cupboard went into my closet in more or less some semblance of order. I really was missing it because its primary purpose was to hold all my quilting rulers, so I picked up some more hangers and turned the sewing room door into something more useful.

Where the cupboard was, I put a card table and set up my serger. I will eventually need to get a sturdier table for this, but in the meantime it seems to work pretty well.

And then I started this project - no that is not a purple fabric, it is actually a nice gunmetal gray. The red is from a red home decor fabric remnant that I picked up for a dollar at JoAnns about four years ago, with vague plans to use it in a corset.

This will be a new purse. I downloaded the original tutorial from Better Homes and Gardens but it was written so poorly that I'm not going to link back to it. The last step is "See this other tutorial here and follow steps 1-4 to finish assembling the tote bag." Like it would seriously be that difficult to copy and paste those last few steps. I'm making some modifications and rewriting it as I go.

My February NewFO was my A4A Quilt. I completed two blocks!

My March NewFO is currently the purse I'm working on, but I'm debating finally starting this quilt I designed months ago.

I have all the fabrics hanging in my closet, I just haven't started it yet. Although, I do have two completed quilt tops waiting for quilting so I guess we'll see how the month plays out. And sooner or later, I really do need to settle down and get some Ragnarok Garb squared away.

My DaGMT participation was mixed. I did get a lot done (see the link at the top of the page) but I didn't get to sew every day. Its just too busy, with work and cooking and stuffs. But that isn't going to stop me from trying out 30/30 Sewing Challenge by Berry Barn Designs. Generally it is the same thing as DaGMT, only its thirty minutes a day for thirty days. More to come later on this, and my new ALYoF goal for March.


  1. Congrats on the finish! It really sparkles depending on where you focus on the quilt!

  2. Hi!!!! Great finish!!!!! Love your A4A blocks!!!! Very pretty!!!!!! I followed over from the NewFO!!!!! Thanks for the fun visit!!!!

  3. You may not have gotten the opportunity to sew every day yet you got a lot done. Love your projects!

  4. You really got a lot done this month! How do you find the time?! You have some lovely Starts and Finishes! I'm glad to see someone else who uses their Serger. I love mine and it's an important part of my Sewing Studio!

  5. I like your new project. Looking very interesting.

  6. Pretty quilt. I know what you mean about storage. I have been helping a friend for weeks. We had already hung her rulers on a peg board.

  7. Your finish turned out lovely! Looks like you have a lot of fun projects going on! :)

    Thank you for linking up to Fabric Frenzy Friday!
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