Friday, September 30, 2016

Solo September Fail & October Goals

I wish I could say that I've been so quiet on the blog for the last two weeks because I've been studiously focusing on my Solo September Project but the truth is, I've been able to find time for almost no stitching of any sort since my road trip two weeks ago. I'm in martial arts twice a week now, I took a friend's son to the zoo last weekend, we had birthday party dinners, a Detroit Tiger's baseball game, and now I'm feeling more than a little burnt out. I usually get a little crafting time during the week after dinner, but I've been under orders from my chiropractor to rest my right arm this week (forcing me to practice Modern Arnis left-handed!) and thus, no crochet or cross stitch so far.

As it was, I didn't even make the halfway mark on my Solo September Quilt. The quilting setup had to be taken down just before Badon Hill to do some last minute arrow covers.

I'm feeling tired and lacking in focus. I haven't cleaned anything in the house in the past week, let alone trying to cook anything.  Maybe my stitching bug just took a short hiatus. I hope it comes back soon.

In an effort to get my stitchy bug back, I've joined another Stitch from Stash Group. This one is based loosely on the one I was involved with a couple years ago, but with much simpler and more flexible rules. Its also running on Facebook instead of through blogs and linky parties. Here's a link if you are interested: Stitch from Stash 2017A. I'll be playing along. I've set my budget at $25 per month with the following stipulation: Anything purchased must be for immediate (within the next week or two) use. I'm also starting officially in October instead of waiting until January, but I can tell you that September counts also because this month I spent just $14 on three skeins of yarn, one and a half of which has already been used up and the third has been started.

And finally, I think I do more better at accomplishing things if I have a list of goals. I used to write one of these every month. So here are the things I'd like to do in the next month. I bet you are all getting tired of seeing this photos, but here they are anyway.

1. Finish my quilt.

2. Finish the current skein on my corner to corner blanket.

3. Finish the current skein on the dragon scale blanket (barely started, photo pending).

4. Finish the page on the Princess and the Dragon.

5. FINISH MY CONFESSOR'S DRESS. I have a wedding I'd like to wear this to in a few weeks so it really totally needs to get done. This is going on what, four years pending? Enough already.

6. Finish the crochet hook cases that I started at the beginning of September. One down, three to go.

Okay, I think that's enough for now.

May your stitchy bug be with you.


  1. It isn't a failure, it's a learning experience. ;) Your September sounds a bit like mine. Hope the arm gets back in business soon. Here's to super crafty Octobers!

  2. I think your goals seem doable this month Kaelyn.


  3. I hope your stitchy bug returns soon! I like the sound of your new SAL.