Monday, September 19, 2016

Road Trip Projects

Last week almost no time was spent on my Solo September Project. You might remember that I picked a quilt this time around. I'm starting to think that was a mistake - I just don't seem to be able to stick with it. Just over a week ago I had to dismantle my quilting set up to stitch up some arrow covers for Jack and I never got it put back together. Yes, I know its not *that* time consuming, but its not easy to get rolling when there's all kinds of set up that has to be done beforehand. Its a little like going to do the dishes and realizing that you still have to empty the dishwasher first.

Granted, very little crafting of any sort was done last week as I had my cousin over to do landscaping on Monday and Tuesday and we left Thursday night for our last Dagorhir Camping Trip of the year - The Battle of Badon Hill XI, hosted by Rome and Wargar.

By Elsea's Photography
I took two projects with me - the blanket I've been working on lately and a new cross stitch silhouette.

The blanket has about 3.5 skeins after this weekend and looks like a watercolor painting. I also discovered that, while its slow, I can crochet this in the dark. Ah, nighttime car rides.

The new cross stitch project is Imagination Unleashed. Colors added by myself, as this was designed to be stitched all in one color and thus, I have NO clue what the end project will actually look like - only my fantasized idealistic mental version of what I want it to look like.

I'm using an assortment of the DMC Color Variations Line from my stocking stuffers last year, and the hand dyed fabric from Silkweaver that I picked up this spring, making this projects a stash buster.

Finally, after getting home last night and unloading the car, I worked a little bit on The Princess and the Dragon while binge watching Blacklist.

I feel like I have a strong chance of finishing this page soon. Realistically, this should have been my Solo September Project. Its been on my stand since August and gets lots of love during TV nights. I would have taken it with me this weekend but its not travel friendly due to the small weave.


  1. Really liking the colors on the blanket. And BLACKLIST. Yes. :)

    1. Isn't Blacklist amazing? We've managed to go through most of the third season already.

  2. Nice progress on all of your projects Kaelyn.