Thursday, September 1, 2016

Solo September Start

Before I can actually start Solo September, I have four smaller projects that have deadlines. The first one is 90% done and two of the others are through my embroidery machine. I'll show them all off together when they are completed.

My goal this month is to spend most of it working on quilts. With all the major Dagorhir projects behind us for the moment, I would love to get back into my sewing room and knock out a few WIPs.

Here are the top priorities on my list. The top three are all ones that I want to keep for myself and the bottom one is currently taking up my living room floor, which it why its on the list. The first two just need to be quilted and the last two still have a fair amount of piecing remaining.

I'm also feeling pressure to clean and organize a couple rooms, so that I have space to work on these lovely projects. I will just have to see how the month goes.

So I guess the plan is to get the first quilt actually quilted and then see if I have time for any others! My Solo September Project is my Kaleidoscope quilt :)


  1. These are all so beautiful! Looking forward to seeing how much you get done this month.

  2. Good luck with your projects Kaelyn.


  3. Lovley quilts. If you want to give ANY away they can find a place to stay at my house. Lol.
    I would love your remedies to get rid of the flu.
    I have taken mega vit c. I do not believe in having a sore throat.
    My cough seems to hold on .
    any help will be Appreciate.
    Kathleen Mary

  4. They are all looking great. I would be hard pressed to pick a favorite. I've been there with the cleaning as well. My sewing area is disastrous at the moment, but it is a shame to waste crafty time cleaning. It will need to be done eventually. Le sigh. Good luck!