Friday, May 22, 2015

Ranger Garb

It is long past time to settle in and get some Ragnarok prep done. Jack needs a couple short sleeved shirts and I would love a couple more linen dresses for the week. Tonight, I started working on one of those shirts for Jack. Ranger green, of course.

We had an issue in camp with heat exhaustion this previous year and one unlucky Akronian ended up in the ER when our efforts to drink enough and keep cool failed. This year, I'm trying to make everything out of linen to help prevent more hospital trips. I have spent the last several months hoarding coupons and stalking online sales and am happy to say that I think I have enough linen on hand to make us each a few new garb items. 

Last week I also managed to finish my Ranger hood. All the embroidery and cutting out was done, so I arranged them on the hood, pinned them in place, and use my darning foot to stitch down the edges. 

There are approximately sixty individual leaves on the border of this hood. The hood is made of leftover micro-suede (from Elsa's Coronation Dress last fall) and lined with fleece to keep me warm on chilly camping nights or at fall practices. The leaves were embroidered on leftover scraps from various projects, making this venture an excellent scrap buster and a reminder as to why I bother to keep those scraps around. Some of the fabric used here is leftover from my wedding dress and some from Jack's original ranger coat which currently needs to be replaced.

While the shirt was getting embroidered, I finished my "Belisama" quilt. It is doing the rounds in the washer and dryer and I will try to get pictures to share tomorrow. 

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