Friday, May 29, 2015

T-Tunic Finished

One more Ragnarok garb item down.

I had a little trouble getting the embroidery aligned. On the black shirt I embroidered after it was finished. On this one, I embroidered after the pieces were cut out but before the shirt was finished.

I think it works better if I do the embroidery at the end. It looks bad here, but its barely noticeable when Jack is wearing it. It took me several extra days to get this posted because I finished the shirt on Monday night and he ran off with it for Tuesday practice. It had to be washed before I could take photos. I guess he likes it :)

This makes four completed items for Ragnarok this year (black shirt, green shirt, surcoat, and hood.) I have about two weeks to get this stuff done, as I strongly suspect the last week before Rag will be packing.

1 comment:

  1. Looks good. The embroidery is a nice touch. When isn't the week before a mad panic rush? It's part of the experience!