Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Beginnings of a Ranger Dress

The base of my ranger dress is cut out and basted together. I don't want to have lacing or zippers in the back, so I tested it with a closed back. It is a little tight to get on and off but I think I can loosen it up by reducing the seam allowance. 

I am planning on adding little cap sleevelets, embroidery at the collar, and lacing at the seams on both sides. The skirt is a little longer than knee length and the front has split seams to a little above my knees. I haven't quite decided how high to split them (workout shorts may be required if they are too high) but I am hoping for a Confessor effect.

The split falls right at her fingertips, so it is attractive and easy to move in without being inappropriate.

Of course, I had to check the look with my completed hood.

I think they are going to look fabulous together.


  1. I have always loved the Confessor dress. I dig the green. Should be perfect :)

  2. Yeah... If I was to take up cosplay, that would be my first attempt! Maybe next year.

  3. It's beautiful so far, Kaelyn :-)