Monday, December 22, 2014

On the Fifth Day of Christmas Vacation...

... I didn't get a lot of sleep the night before. Got my crabby self up and went to the dollar store for some stocking stuffers and found that the rear window on Jack's car (which had been damaged by a magical flying rock on the expressway a few days ago) was threatening to fall off the car. I called the auto shop and took it in for repairs, not even finishing my Christmas shopping because I was worried that if I went over a bump, the whole thing would fall into the street.

However, on the Third Day of Christmas Vacation, I was able to spend the entire day finishing the ornaments I had cross stitched. Jack was busy being Germany and Taking Over the World, so it did leave me plenty of time to craft away. I'm very glad these are done and stuck the rest of the unstitched ones away for next year. I will need six more for next Christmas but I don't plan on starting those until July.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas Vacation, I worked on my penguins. Oh so close to a finish! 2400ish stitches to go. Mayhaps I will devote the rest of today to trying to finish it off. I did finally take this one off the scroll frame and put it on a Qsnap and I wish I'd done that ages ago. Its going much faster now that I'm not fighting constantly with lousy tension and the stitches are coming out much neater.

And that brings us back to the Fifth Day of Christmas Vacation, or today. I'm torn between starting a new project to relieve a little of the sleepless crabbiness and trying to finish the penguins,. I still have to go pick up Jack's car when they call and say that it is ready. Tomorrow I get to spend time with Astrid. And Wednesday is Christmas Eve Day!


  1. The ornaments are so cute Kaelyn. I can't wait to start them next year. The penquins are awesome.


  2. Kaelyn, I had to laugh that you think of 2400 stitches as close to being finished, but I suppose on a big project like your penguins, it is! Your ornaments turned out very cute! Merry Christmas!

  3. Ooh, those stocking ornaments turned out cute! I've had fun watching those come together. Congrats on the finish!