Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Christmas Vacation Day Zero

It's here! I'm trying to revel in the moment, because I know my vacation will be over far to soon.

I made some progress on the penguins. Baby Penguin has an eye and a neck now.

I really want this project DONE, so it will probably be the focus of my cross stitch efforts over the next couple of days.

The Kona Sunset Quilt is about half put together and I decided what to do for a border. I pieced together some of the trimmings, squared it up, and cut it into 2.5 inch strips.

I will put a silver/white border all the way around, and then the fractured border, and finally another white border. I'm kind of geeked about how it will look. This quilt needs to get off my floor before Saturday, or it will have Axis and Allies players tromping all over it.

Future vacation day plans? Find time to see the Battle of the Five Armies, spend a day with my favorite niece, and drown myself in crafty projects!

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  1. Sounds like a great vacation Kaelyn. Your stitching and quilt are lovely.