Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Wordcount Update - The Day I Became a Nano Rebel

Keeping up with Nano, which is to say that I'm behind today's word count. This was in fact by design. I sat down to write and realized that I needed more research. And also, editing. And revising. Yes, I know you aren't *supposed* to edit or revise during Nano but my novel is going is a weird direction and I need to hammer out a few details before I continue. Honestly, even if I only get 25,000 high quality text out of this month, I will be happy.

I was ready to do some editing but have no paper in the house.  I apparently used it all up printing off a quilting pattern. I have no regrets. NONE!

Well, this officially makes me a rebel this year, because I will be working with material already written before November. The novel I'm working on has been a WIP for at least a year. I flirted with it during last Nano and again this summer during CampNano. I won't be word-counting anything written before November, so no worries there.

In other news, did you know that Norway actually has a very temperate climate in the coastal regions? The average low is about 20 degrees F and the summer high in July is around 70. And their third largest city, Trondheim, has about 170,000 people. Tiny compared to cities like New York (8.3 million) or Chicago (2.7 million). Trondheim is built on a fjord and river system that looks a lot like Venice in places. And Hammerfest in the north of Norway has an annual reindeer migration problem. They built a fence around the city, but it isn't helping. On the other hand, knowing that reindeer are prevalent in Norway gives me another food source in an area with minimal arable land.

Go forth and learn something new today!

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