Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Wasting Time on EQ7

I couldn't take my sewing machine to the fixer yesterday because when I arrived, they were closed due to power outage.

I took my sewing machine in today and was told I couldn't have it back for "about three days."

Hopefully that means that I will have it back in time to use it this weekend. Jack has a Dagorhir event he is planning on attending, leaving me at loose ends to do as I please.

Although this lack of a sewing machine should mean that I'm spending more time writing, I'm actually doing some cleaning and organizing, and of course, playing around with EQ7.

I believe I may have FINALLY after a YEAR of goofing around with it, determined a design for my Penrose square quit. Nope, you can't see it until it is done.

I also made one of these

Which looks amazing in blue also

And playing around with the Baline cross

I think the one with the longer arms looks better.