Sunday, January 10, 2016

Slow Stitching Sunday

Library Kittens got a little love today for Slow Sunday Stitching. 

That vertical dark red line all the way at the right edge actually marks the halfway point. I'll be very glad when the ivy plant is finished. This pattern is very confetti heavy in the top half but without the benefit of a searchable PDF pattern.

Unfortunately, other than the couple hundred stitches, I had a pretty busy day. Laundry and dishes needed to be done and a half inch of ice cleared off the sidewalk. I usually have a rule against doing housework on Sunday but there was no help for it this time around.


  1. The colors are fantastic. I hope you find some more stitching time!

  2. It's looking good Kaelyn.


  3. Even a little progress is a bit nearer to a finish! This looks like a fun stitch.

  4. I love this design :)
    Great update allso on fairy spell
    I allso try to keep the sunday housework free but it never works :)
    Always something todo but when i finally sit down it feels really good and relaxing
    Look forward to see a new update

  5. I know maybe someone who like to take part in the slow sunday group
    Do you have an adres for the group ?

  6. I happen to agree on the Sunday housework ban. It's meant to be a day of rest :)