Monday, January 4, 2016

New Year, New Progress

First up: The Fairy Spell. I rocked out about a 800 stitches on this baby over the holidays.

 Started this hat and finished it on one day. It's a little too big but I love it.

And now I have a matching set :) After my crafty spending ban is expired, I will probably pick up one more skein and make some fingerless gloves to match.

Since I finished the hat, I had to start something else. 'Cause why not?

I think the pattern is a little hard to see with the variegated yarn. It's alternating double crochet and shells, another free pattern from ravelry.

My New Year's Day start was an applique wall hanging. I have the center medallion done, minus the stitching.

Last but not least? Home made snack packs.

I found something similar in the cheese section of the grocery store but the cost, oh my goodness, was close to $2 per snack. I picked up some dried fruit (cherries and blueberries), roasted mixed nuts, added some cheese and crackers, and BOOM! Better snacks at a fraction of the cost. I made up five of these and stuck them in the fridge. They should last more or less forever, the biggest risk being the cheese drying out. I stopped buying a lot of the usual junk food that we like to eat but it took me a while to replace it with something else. I'm hoping this works for those late night snacky binges.

Next on my To-Do list is finish the natural essential oils cleaning products that I picked up supplies for and eliminate all the toxic chemicals in my bathroom. I was also gifted a EO home remedies book for Christmas, so I want to put some solid time into prepping some basic cold and allergy concoctions.


  1. Nice progress and love the hat Kaelyn Those snacks look yummy.


  2. Very nice on the set. I've been thinking about some fingerless gloves myself. My reaction to the snack packs at the store was the same. Great idea. :)

  3. Great Snack. Can I come over to your home to eat?
    Kathleen Mary