Friday, January 15, 2016

Made it Halfway

So far I've spent ALL ZERO dollars on crafty items and it's halfway through the month!

That hasn't really stopped me from window shopping though. I've spent a lot of time plotting and planning for my Life Is Beautiful Quilt. Part of my Christmas present was DMC Light Effects Jewels for my quilt and I *love* them.

 I really wanted to use them on a dark fabric but I don't think that the iron on transfer will show on anything except stark white. So, I'll be stitching the embroidery on white and then picking up the PERFECT fat quarter bundle, whichever one that may be, to do the borders and blocks. The original quilt was done in scrappy reds and whites, but I'm thinking a little more color variety will be right up my alley.

I also have a pattern from KLT Charting - Tribal Otter, that I won in a Facebook contest a few months ago, and I've picked out fabric and thread for it from Jodyri Designs.

Yesterday I realized that I need to get the quilt off the Spare 'Oom floor by next Friday, for reasons that I will elaborate on after next Saturday, so my weekend project will be to finish piecing this quilt.

I think I can do it in one day if I stay focused. After that, lots of cleaning and organzing. Thank goodness I have a three day weekend.

Do you have any special plans for this weekend?


  1. Does it count if you buy crafty items for someone else? Say, to make something for a birthday? :)

    Love the rainbow effect on the quilt. Nice work. :)

    1. Hmm, well yes, I do think that just might be an exception. ;) Also, I've been informed that fabric for my Life Is Beautiful quilt is part of my Christmas present so technically doesn't count either. Muahahahaha!!!