Friday, January 29, 2016

Slouchy Hat!

Between Hogwarts and overtime at work, there hasn't been a lot of down time. Most days this week, I left home by 6:30 am, arrived home after 6 pm, and went to bed about three hours later.  Watching TV and playing video games are about the only thing I've had the energy for. 

TV time is good for handwork, so I did finish the Slouchy Hat. It was a free pattern on Craftsy: The Audrey Slouchy Hat.

I made it from the same yard as the Windowpane Scarf. All done and ready to go into a box. I have no idea what I'll do with it yet, so I'll tuck it away until I find somewhere to donate or someone who needs it. In my experience, these things always have a way of getting used somehow.

The other two scarves I am working on are coming along nicely and will both need matching hats eventually.

The purple one is the Orient Heights Infinity Scarf but I think the pattern is hard to see because of the thick yarn. It has just over one skein in it and the pastel dragon scale has two skeins. I will probably keep the pastel dragon scale one because I dearly love it and the other will go in the donation box.

I'm thinking that the purple hat will use this pattern: Divine Hat by Sarah Arnold and I'd like to find a dragon scale hat pattern for the other one.


  1. Those are all beautiful but I really love the Audrey hat and scarf. So chic!

  2. Love the slouchy hat and scarf. The colours in the yarn are gorgeous xx