Saturday, October 10, 2015

Turtle Trot is Back!

Turtle Trot is back! Our fearless leader took a long vacation to sort out some real life stuff but I'm happy to say that things are better and the linky party is up and running again.

Here is an updated list of my original Turtle Trot selections. It turns out that some of these were bad choices because I really haven't been motivated to work on them at all and some were fabulous choices because I work on them constantly.

I have to date finished two of my turtle trot projects!!

1. World Travel Bookshelf by Aimee Stewart (HAED) - New Start - about 20 stitches done

2. Penguin Family - Finished on 01/31/2015

3. The Castle by Teresa Wentzler A little bit further along! The blended colors are killing me though.

On 3/10/2015
4. Affairs of the Heart Quilt by Aie Rossman (New Start) - Completed five blocks.

5. Jack's Medieval Medallion Quilt by Me! (New Start) - Not yet started

6. Butterfly Profusion by Dimensions - Finished! 

On 01/01/15

8. The Mighty Samurai by DimensionsNo Progress to date

9. Fall Fairy by DimensionsGood Progress
On 01/01/2015

On 10/10/15
10. Magnificent Wizard by Dimensions - Good Progress

On 01/01/2015
On 03/10/2015

11. Library Kittens - "Curiosity" by Janlynn - Replacing Penguin Family, New Start. 

On 9/26/15


  1. Nice progress and great finishes Kaelyn.


  2. These are all such big's amazing to see good progress on so many of them! I love the kittens and Fall Fairy, and your Penguin Family is really effective.

  3. These are all lovely! I am embarrassed to admit, I have had The Castle as a WIP for... roughly 20 years now. I cannot bring myself to work on it or to throw it out. I was still pretty much a novice and wanted better coverage, so I used 3 strands of floss. Perfect, until I realized there was tweeding involved. Blending the colors works better with an even number of strands. I may persevere some day. In the mean time, I will happily watch for your updates!