Saturday, October 3, 2015

Handy Zipper Pouch

I've been looking for a way to carry some essential oils with me to work, instead of just tossing them in my purse. After much searching and many lunch breaks, I finally found this tutorial: Handy Zipper Pouch Tutorial by Jill  and I thought it looked just about perfect.

I will not repost the tutorial here, but I did borrow that image from Jill's website to make sure she gets credit for the pattern. You can click on it to find the instruction. She has also published them in downloadable PDF format.

I started with some fabric I've had for a while, that was actually some curtains I bought ages ago (and still love). I added a FSL butterfly embellishment.

These colors are a little closer to the correct ones. 
The pictures came out on the brown side, which was sad because the fabric is really a gorgeous wine red.

I also altered the lining to create the pockets that I wanted. I was hoping to have it hold a couple 15 mL bottles and a couple roller bottles.

You can see it is just a little too small to meet that goal.

But it does hold a 5 mL, a chapstick, and two 15 mL bottles quite nicely. And since I'm not crazy enough to travel anywhere without a chapstick, this works out rather well for me. No more diving into the bottom of my purse to find one of the eight chapsticks I know are in there somewhere.

A couple other changes I made were using fusible interfacing on the lining fabric and fusible fleece on the exterior fabric to give it a little poof and a little cushioning.

So there it is, my first official zipper pouch. I imagine I'll be making several more zipper pouches of various shapes and sizes in the future. I would especially like to make a larger version of this one that can hold a little bit more.

Towards that end, I have a machine and bead embroidered panel that I was working on this week. I finished it last night.

I don't have a zipper large enough yet but when I get to Joann's I'll pick up a green or black one and make a larger version of the red one. 

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  1. Wow, what a beautiful pouch
    Love the colour.
    Look forward to see your next brilliant idea
    Greetings from Holland