Sunday, October 18, 2015

Slow Stiching Sunday and a Harry Potter Weekend

Astrid just recently finished ALL the Harry Potter books and is completely engaged in the HP universe. So it was no surprise that when she came over to spend the weekend, we watched Harry Potter movies.

I thought it would be appropriate to work on my castle and dragon cross stitch project while we watched castles and dragons and I made some decent progress on the lower right quadrant yesterday.

As of 10/17/15
I would like to fill in the rest of the right wing and get some back stitching done before I rotate this one out. 

It wouldn't be a Harry Potter weekend without a Harry Potter craft of some sort and since Astrid likes to draw fantastical creatures, we made a Monster Book of Monsters to keep her drawings safe.

We used felt for the eyes and teeth, and embroidered the title. The fur is attached to a large binder, so she can store her drawings and has room for many more future works of art.

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  1. I love that monster book! How creative!! Your cross stitch is wonderful, should keep you busy for a while yet. Visiting from Slow Stitching Sunday.

  2. Nice progress Kaelyn. Love the book.


  3. Fabulous monster book! Very creative!
    ENjoy your stitching :)

  4. A couple of great projects for your Harry potter weekend!

  5. What fun you had. Love the book. Beautiful X stitch

  6. Beautiful cross-stitch and the monster book is amazing and so creative.

  7. Your monster book of monsters is amazing! What a great idea and beautifully executed. Good progress on your Dragon too.

  8. Your cross-stitch progress is wonderful! And your Monster Book of Monsters is amazing. I had to send a link to this post to a friend of mine. Her daughter loves to draw and their whole family loves Harry Potter. Very, very cool!

  9. I recognized that Harry Potter craft instantly. What a great idea. Your castle and dragon are looking great.

    Harry Potter is my main fandom ^_^ As someone who has full on obsessed for 5 years now and has done stuff like counted all of the characters in the books for fun I usually have a lot to judge when people do Harry Potter themed crafts, and this is AMAZING. Oh my Rowling this is perfect <3
    Keep up the supermegafoxyawesomehot work! (That really long mash of words is from A Very Potter Musical)

  11. Great monsterbook
    My plan is to start a TW project in the new year
    Have to many wips going on now:)
    Love the dragon and castle you done a lot allready :)
    Have a lovely evening