Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Water Bottle Carrier

Several years ago, my friend's mother made me a water bottle carrier for my birthday (might have been Christmas, it's a little fuzzy.)

I LOVE it, especially for camping. I've been taking it to Ragnarok every year and it is wonderful for carrying around a bottle of water. I attempted to acquire the pattern, but it had been out of print for so long that I couldn't even find it.

Last year at Ragnarok, Jack borrowed it and liked it enough that it was a bit difficult getting it back. I hand stitched him one with the supplies that I had at Rag. It took me the better part of a day to do so, but I wasn't willing to part with mine again.

The one I made him was a little small, so I wanted to make a new one for Ragnarok this year. Here it is! This is my second attempt. The first one didn't pan out so hot, but I learned a couple of things from it. This one is a little too tall for the half-liter water bottles but it does also fit a Vitamin Water bottle.

It has an adjustable strap, a paracord string and a slide closure, and is insulated with Insulbrite and lined with fleece.

Next up: Two dresses for me, which I would like to complete by the end of the week. (Haha!) The rattail was delivered today courtesy of Amazon, so all supplies are in hand.