Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Crazy Quilting

I picked up my embroidery machine from the repair shop today and took advantage of the opportunity to raid their remnants bin for little bits of trim and ribbon. Happily, when I got home I found that the last of my free samples arrived in the mail today.

Which means that I now had all the stuff to get started on my crazy quilt, so after I finished my work for the evening on Ragnarok projects, I allowed myself a little play time.

I will be doing blocks by color and adding everything from hand embroidery to machine embellishments, buttons, lace, etc. I have trims and embellishments mostly is browns, reds, and golds, so that is where I started.

I do have to confess that out of all the things I thought I might have issues with while learning to crazy quilt, it wasn't getting the invisible thread wound onto the bobbin. It took four tries to get it to wind. That stuff has a mind of its own.

I am hoping to get a few of these blocks done before Ragnarok and take them as my hand stitching project for embellishments. Besides, who knows what little trinkets I may be able to pick up while at rag? The Pillaged Village has an amazing selections of buttons and trims AND a remnants bin.

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