Thursday, April 16, 2015

WIP... Thursday?

I was a little indecisive in my project selection this week and ended up working on *four* quilts so far.

The mini twister quilt now has five rows  stitched together.

Next up was the Kona Sunset quilt. I managed to finish stitching all the rows together. It still needs borders and it is a little bit of an awkward size, so I am considering adding a color strip on the top and bottom to lengthen the quilt.

My drunkard's path batik quilt got *one* more curved block pieced. I have a little trouble working on those curved blocks steadily because they just don't come easy to me. I am sincerely hoping that by the end of this quilt, I will be a seasoned pro at curved piecing.

Lastly, I started quilting Kona Slate Rock tonight. Some of you may have figured out by now I'm a total sucker for variegated threads and this quilt is no exception. I found an Isacord in blues, whites, and grays for this quilt.

I checked Leah Day's repository of FMQ patterns and picked Shadow Waves. I really debated doing pebbling, but opted for a less dense quilting pattern. I also opted for alternating directions for each block.

This week, I learned that if you don't take the cutting mat off your sewing table, your machine will stitch right through it. (Oops). At least I know my machine is tough. 

Luckily, the damage is minimal.

So, that was my week so far. How did yours go?


  1. Beautiful quilting! I love all the bright colors.

  2. Beautiful quilts. Your bedrooms must be so colourful!

  3. Everything is looking good :) I have always loved those variegated threads just like I love those multicolored yarns.

    1. I'm considering an Ink Circles cross stitch in variegated threads! As in, I'd like to do it someday but there is too much going on to start it now. :)