Saturday, April 4, 2015

April YOTA

Time for the April YOTA post, hosted by Pull the Other Thread.  This is a UFO Stitch Along and we are encouraged to post anything that we are working on.

First up, no quiltyness going on in my house for probably a couple of weeks. I've been spending all my sewing room time working on Akron surcoats. Last night, Kaylee (my embroidery machine) ate Rune's surcoat, so now I have to take the surcoat apart and replace the front panel. Three emergency surgeries (yes, I dismantled my embroidery machine three times) and one temper tantrum later and she its stitching properly again. For now. In the meantime, I have renamed her "Your Worshipfulness" because she is moody and high maintenance. I think I will probably have to clean her in between every dragon stitched. I did find a tangle of thread where thread should never have gotten, so maybe now that is resolved, things will run smoother.

On the cross stitch side of things, a week ago I allowed myself a new start and it has taught me that I really like working on DMC Magic Guide and really don't like working on 25 count linen. Which means, I will be restarting both Gandalf and Hope Returns at some point on magic guide.

Hope Returns

A Light in the Dark
The good news is that I'm less than a half percent done with each, so if I'm going to restart, now is the time. I will be working on these for a long time and I think switching fabrics will speed things up.

Currently on my frame is Mini Innocence.

Mini Inncocence by Nene Thomas, Retired
 My lunch break stitchy project is Curiosity by Janlynn.

At last update
I've been working on this since mid Feb and I'm getting the feeling that its about to be swapped out for a different project, just not sure which one yet. It has the advantage of being smaller than most everything else I am working on, making it the most portable.

Happy Easter all!


  1. Great progress on your new start Kaelyn! I really like the DMC magic guide and it would definitely be worth starting your other large projects again if you prefer it. Curiosity is looking pretty too.

  2. Love your new start, and definitely a good idea to switch now before you get too much invested in either piece. That's how we end up with UFOs. :)

  3. Love all the projects your working on Kaelyn and wonderful progress.


  4. I think that is why I've never really tried to sew much - the sewing machines intimidate me. I always worried about tangles or threading it wrong. :-)

    Curiosity is starting to pop, especially with the backstiching around the edge! I really like the look!

  5. My embroidery machine is temperamental, too. Happy you won the war this time. Very pretty work. Too bad about the restarts.