Friday, April 10, 2015

Plants. Sigh.

I was quite devastated last night to discover that not while I am having issues keeping my plants alive, it seems that mold has absolutely no problems growing on the outside of the pot.

I know, the picture is really gross, but I thought I'd share because according to the ninety seconds of internet research I did this morning, mold is a big problem with peat pots. Now, some people just planted the seedlings anyway and had no issues, some cleaned the pots with vinegar, and some people have had similar issues with egg cartons.

Unfortunately, considering that Jack is allergic to mold and we recently had a couple family members suffer through mold poisoning, I decided to trash the seedlings and start over.

I moped around the house for a while, mourning the loss of my seedlings, but then decided to start a new quilt to comfort myself. Quilts don't wither and die on you if you look at them funny, unlike plants.

Meet my Itty Bitty Twister quilt.

280 beautiful 2.5" squares, soon to be stitched together and cut into 1.5" twists. This quilt will finish at 15" x 21" without borders and will contain 315 blocks.  I always wanted to make a miniature quilt!

I did manage to get the first three rows stitched together last night.

I am supposed to be posting for Turtle Trot today but I need to get updated photos of all my projects. I will get to that sometime this weekend.


  1. Sorry to hear about your plant problems. Love the colours of your new quilt, looking forward to seeing it come together.

  2. Awwww! I'm disappointed for you! I wish I could offer a solution, but I did not inherit my Dad's green thumb. He was always good at growing seedlings. I do applaud your efforts at the itty bitty twister though. I like making minis but I don't think I have the patience for the second step of cutting the twisters.

  3. Sorry you lost your plants Kaelyn. Your new quilt is going to be really pretty.